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N64 Games

1. 007 Golden Eye
(There's a reason they remade this game for Wii; those of you who have given your childhood, or adulthood, to this game understand why. The game itself is exceptional but the true brilliance is realized when you line your friends head up in the cross hairs of the PP7 and squeeze the trigger. As you laugh in his face you run over and take his grenade launcher and rule the basement.)

2. Mario Kart 64

3. Super Smash Bros.

4. Ocarina of Time
(Click the following link to watch a walk-through of this a blind dude! A testament to the human spirit and to just how well made this game is.

5. Majora's Mask

6. Ogre Battle

7. Donkey Kong 64

8. Quake

9. Mortal Kombat Trilogy

10. Pokemon Snap

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