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NES Games

Baseball Stars
(If you and five other friends haven't created and named your own players and teams and played a full season of Baseball Stars all I can say is Sorry! Your life must be sad and empty. As much as the game play makes this great, the camaraderie developed while playing makes it #1)

2. Metroid

(Awesome music, awesome game play, awesome worlds and levels; just plain awesome.)

3. Maniac Mansion
(Creepy, wierd and wildly entertaining. A truely unique game where you can feed developer fluid to an alien tentacle plant, cook a hamster in the microwave or launch a flying Edsel into space; so many memories.)

4. Super Mario Bros. 3
(Never thought they could trump the original SMB but they did, and how.)

5. The Legend Of Zelda

(Nothing less than legendary. This game made RPG a household acronym and introduced a little guy named Link to kids everywhere. The world of Hyrule became our second home for many, many, many, many months.)

6. G.I. Joe
(Assemble a team of Joes and complete missions to thwart Cobra's sinister plans for world domination. The team mentality make this slightly better than Contra)

7. Contra
(One of the true icons in gaming history. Rambo wannabes, machine guns blazing, fighting through the jungle on their way to the lair of a giant... alien. Never understood that but loved it just the same.)

8. Super Dodge-Ball
(Four player action, smash your buddies in the face with radical throwing maneuvers or take on the mighty Russians if you've got the thumbs for it. This game will wear out a B button faster than any other.)

Mike Tyson's Punch Out
(Standing toe-to-toe with with some of these fighters is frightening but once you master the gut punch to Bald Bull and the dodging scheme to Super Macho Man you just may be ready to face the winking eye of Tyson himself; good luck Champ)

10. BaseWars
(Where else can you be thrown out at home plate only to smash the catcher to pieces in an epic brawl and score the winning run?)

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