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Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Playing Cards

Posted by Captain Cash-In on 8/7/2019 to Product Reviews
As vintage authentic Kenner Star Wars figures continue to get harder and harder to find, companies are finding ways to give you a chance to check them out up close and personal in a new way.

NMR/Aquarius has released a deck of playing cards with images of authentic vintage Star Wars figures that we saw on the toy store shelves in the '70s and '80s. They are available on Amazon or at our Cash-In Culture store locations.

Here are some product details...

  • USEFUL: You can actually play you favorite card games with this Star Wars themed deck of playing cards!

  • COOL DESIGN: Officially licensed cards include tons of images of the authentic vintage Kenner Star Wars figures.

  • GOOD FEELS: Each cards features a a linen-type finish with cards measuring the standard 2.5 "x 3.5" each.

  • RAD GIFT: They get a thumbs up from us and are gift-giving approved by Captain Cash-In.

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 Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Playing Cards
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